Control Type-2 Diabetes with a Low Carb Diet

If you suffer from diabetes then you may have been told this is a chronic, progressive disease. However ,we are now realising diabetes can actually be put into remission and medications stopped, even insulin.

The 3 ways this is possible are

  1. Using bariatric surgery to remove part of your stomach.
  2. Using very low calorie diets.
  3. Eating a diet that is low in carbohydrate and high in healthy fats.

All 3 ways work but Dr Penny Figtree believes the third option is the best and eaisiest. No surgery involved and no starving yourself . This low carbohydrate high healthy fat diet ( LCHF) is delicious with cheese and cream on the menu but you do have to take out the bread and the biscuits. A recent study found 80% of people were able to maintain this way of eating at 2 years with 90% off their insulin or on a reduced dose .

No drug can do that.

Dr Penny Figtree introduces you to this way of eating and then carefully monitors your diabetes medications. On the first day of the diet the insulin dose is usually halved .Amazing.That’s why Dr Penny Figtree set up lowcarbpmq.

Dr Penny Figtree wants to spread the word that type 2 diabetes can be REVERSED.



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