Fatty Liver Disease

The Virta Clinical Trial Outcomes at 1 Year Demonstrate Improved Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

What Is it?
Excessive build up of FAT in the liver is called “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease “(NAFLD).

You will have no symptoms but your doctor will see abnormal liver tests and an ultrasound will show fat inside the liver.
Is Fatty Liver A Problem?
Over time in some people the liver can develop inflammation and fibrosis leading to cirrhosis of the liver. In some cases a liver transplant is needed.

Fatty liver means you are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease(heart attacks, strokes).
What is the Cause?
Many researchers believe this disease is caused by too much insulin .It is closely related to Type 2 diabetes and eating too many carbohydrates (sugars and starches). The liver turns excess sugars and starch into fat and these build up in the liver causing fatty liver disease.

This disease is becoming very common and it may become the leading cause of liver transplant.
How Do We Fix It?

It often takes only a month of eating a low carbohydrate diet to see the liver tests return to normal. A delicious diet with no drugs at all. No hunger. No suffering.

A recent study in diabetics showed a dramatic improvement in fatty liver disease using a ketogenic, very low carbohydrate diet.

This disease goes hand in hand with all the other conditions caused by too much insulin(Diabetes, PCOS, Obesity, hypertension,cardiovascular disease). They are all fixed by one lifestyle change. Cut the carbs!

There are no drugs to treat this disease. It is not druggable but it is very much Foodable.

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