Polycystic Ovarian Syndrone (PCOS)

What Is PCOS?
PCOS is a very common condition in women caused by too much insulin. Sufferers experience irregular periods, weight gain, acne, hirsutism and infertility.
What is the Cause?
Despite its name, PCOS is nothing to do with the ovaries causing a problem. The real problem is insulin resistance. This causes a high insulin level and insulin stimulates the ovaries to make more testosterone. This testosterone then stimulates excess hair growth and acne. It is also insulin that creates the weight gain and obesity often found in women suffering from PCOS.
How Do You Manage PCOS?
Logically ,if you lower insulin you will control this condition. Metformin is a great medication that helps lower insulin. Add in a low carbohydrate diet and this dramatically lowers insulin. Therefore, a low-carb diet should be the core of any effective treatment for PCOS.

Studies using this diet in women with PCOS have found great success with not only weight loss but also fertility. A 2017 review of relevant low carbohydrate diet studies in PCOS stated they “reduce circulating insulin levels, improve hormonal imbalance and resume ovulation to improve pregnancy rates”.

Nutrients 2017: The effect of low-carbohydrate diets on fertility hormones and outcomes in overweight and obese women: a systematic review [strong evidence]

If you have PCOS then you would benefit from making an appointment with Dr Penny Figtree for a low carbohydrate diet to reverse your disease.



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