Metabolic Psychiatry

Evidence is emerging that a ketogenic diet is beneficial for serious mental illness. This includes bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance may represent root causes of many chronic brain illnesses, including many psychiatric disorders.

Metabolic psychiatry is a new medical speciality focused on improving metabolic health as a therapy for mental health. Clinical trials are underway into ketogenic diets as a therapy for depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia at prestigious universities such Stanford, Duke and Edinburgh. There are already many published case reports indicating benefit.

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Dr Figtree has completed clinician training with Dr Georgia Ede

Dr Figtree has successfully completed her Metabolic Psychiatry clinician training under the expert guidance of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede. Dr Figtree’s accomplishment highlights her dedication to integrating cutting-edge nutritional knowledge into her practice, enhancing her ability to support patients’ mental well-being through personalised dietary approaches.



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